YY2 Cosmetic R&D

Research and development in YYTWO Products

Products Efficacy: 

It efficiently promotes skin cell regeneration, improving your skin condition, brightens and increases skin elasticity.

"You can let a stranger gaze at you for 5 seconds"

 that's a Singapore brand YYTWO products

Ginseng Facial Cleanser
For deep cleansing with refreshing and radiance after. Contains special skin nutrients for deep cleansing  action whilst providing adequate nutrients to rebalance sebum, detoxify and protect against bacteria
Invigorating Essence
Regenerate cellular defense. Protect from oxidative stress and aging. Revive skin with glowing radiance and skin elasticity  
Rose Balancing Toner
For supple skin with good skin elasticity and healthy radiance. Rebalance skin pH whilst locking in  moisture. See your skin plump up from immediate hydration
Collagen Eye Serum
For improving condition of fine wrinkles and eye bags. Replenishes lost collagen whilst lightening pigments help to conceal imperfections

Invigorating Day Cream
Help stimulate production of skin nutrients for anti-aging functions. Replenish and seal in moisture for a    healthier rosy glow
Invigorating Night Cream
For luminous skin. Help replenish lostcollagen. Increase power for cell renewal and melanin dispersion
Sun Protect Cream
For protection UVA/UVB, SPF30+/PA++. Contains natural ingredients to act as a barrier from sola  damages to skin. Lock in moisture and nutrition in dual action mechanism